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Your own guide to Exploring in Rotorua, New Zealand

Any guide to most with the thermal parks and other attractions in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Travel Rotorua

This article is a basic tour guide to vacationing in Rotorua highlight along with evaluating the main sites in the district.

If you had just one day in the North Island of the latest Zealand and you asked about where ought to one go for that day I might without concern say Rotorua.

This post is my personal guide in order to Rotorua from anyone who has visited this more times than I could remember and if given the likelihood I would check out it once again. This article is non-commercial and is intended to be regarding general info.


Rotorua is approximately 2.Five - 3 hours drive to the south of Auckland. Brain south by means of Hamilton and Cambridge, or a more quickly route by way of Mata Mata. Shortly after Cambridge turn left as well as take the number 5 that will lead you right to Rotorua. Coming up from Wellington go to Lake Taupo and also take the number 5 to be able to Rotorua. Train as well as Bus routes also service Rotorua.


Rotorua can be a jewel in its northern border Island, with geothermal amazing things, a middle of Maori Culture, Parks, Lakes, Natural Past and numerous modern-day attractions. Nearly all visitors touch upon the smell when they appear. It is Hydrogen Sulphide (decaying egg fuel) and while distinct at first, in case you stay for almost any length of time you'll adapt and almost never notice this.

Geothermal Parks

The main geothermal parks in Rotorua and it is surrounds incorporate Whakarewarewa thermal location, Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Waitapu Cold weather wonderland, Orakei Korako Geyserland and Hell's Gate. These required repayment.


Visiting this web site used to be standard fare in any kind of visit to Rotorua. Unfortunately the car park has now separated into two components, and I privately don't believe possibly site has enough to square alone. What exactly you utilized to get for starters entry cost now costs two (be warned). For the Hemo Road entry is the NZ Maori Arts and Crafts Institute having its master carvers. Also includes a weaving house, kiwi house, and Maori meeting home. Pohutu (big sprinkle) and the Knight in shining armor of Wales heating device are also for this side. (King of Wales heating device so named because the Three or more directions the geyser tries for a takedown out resembles the duck down on the King of Wales crest). On the Tyron street front door you get one more meeting property where a national show is defined on, a village, shops and some scorching pools, and so forth. Also right here outside school hours you may find the area Maori children happy to jump from the bridge in the stream below in return for chasing the loose change thrown in the same.

Waimangu Volcanic Pit:

A nice stroll along the valley with plenty of hot pools, lakes, and also near the end of the observe the Warbrick energy terrace - a multiple coloured it terrace, one of the most colourful rooftop in Rotorua. Worth a call if you have previously seen several thermal parks and want a lot more, or as being a more expansive tour, you'll be able to link with a spead boat tour. (see the gallery for a few photos courtesy Waimangu's website). The particular pink and white balconies once existed in the area prior to 1886 eruption.

Waiotapu Energy Wonderland:

Our favourite, regarding 20 minimum. south regarding Rotorua towards Taupo. Be ready to walk abit. Numerous rainbow swimming pools, the huge wine pool, performer palette, sulphur vents, boiling dirt and a massive silica patio. If you turn up early in the actual morning, before 10am, a short drive leads that you the Lady Knox geyser that gets tripped once a day by simply them eating it with soap, tariff of this is integrated in your programs (was $25 a grownup). Also for this road is often a natural mud pool the best idea display regarding boiling dirt I have seen as well as free.

Orakei Korako Geyserland:

More detailed Lake Taupo compared to Rotorua on a facet road connecting route 5 to the principal route 1. You need to capture the ferry boat across the body of water to begin studying the park. Like most of the parks good tracks requiring you to definitely walk to see mud private pools, a large give, the emerald terrace and also the largest this mineral feature in the united states. Worth the go to if you are moving past that way.

Hell's Gateway:

Another winter park with plenty boiling points, including Adam's griddle, a off-road volcano, hot water comes and one in the few places I found I really could buy the multi-colour sand in a glass container (really pretty). Once visited by simply Mark Twain which stated he'd have happily paid not to have gone there. I'll have to disagree; I think it's definitely worth the visit.

Maori Lifestyle

Rotorua has plenty of Maori based points of interest. These include Tamaki Maori Small town (I've however to visit). The particular NZ Maori Arts and Crafts Start (already spoken about), the Laid to rest Village and numerous Hungi and National Performances.

The particular Buried village is what it may sound like, 1 / 2 buried town. During the The 1880's eruption a number of nearby Maori perished buried in dirt. Some of the community has since been find and rebuilt to give vacationers an idea of the Maori village.

I've not been to Tamaki Maori Small town so can not give a evaluate.

If you really need to get a good style of Maori tradition food along with hospitality after that book among the many feasts and concert events put on through the local motels. The food, music and a friendly relationship are always leading rate.

Various other Attractions

Rainbow Springs Car park:

A nice recreation area with trout fish since its centerpiece, beautiful clear water and a top bushland. Lovely jogging tracks and you will feed your fish. Also offers a plantation show attached.

Skyline Skyrides:

The main reason to take this ride over a gondola is not just to go to the top for your view, the reason is to trip the luge. Enormous fun, so long as you don't disappear. They have a tiny chairlift operating to help you ride the particular luge for as long as your budget can afford.


Everything you wanted to be familiar with sheep. Surprising a display about sheep and farming in NZ is intriquing, notable and entertaining.

Rotorua Museum of Art:

One of the first buildings built in NZ entirely with travelers in mind. At first built being a bath house and trouble treatment center it's got now been transformed. Good public but the spotlight is the motion picture on local history, sit down and be sure to be holding on - a total media experience. Particular must do. Your building itself is one of many finest instances of Edwardian design and it is an art piece in itself. The nearby gardens will almost always be nicely managed.

Natures Magic

There are numerous activities, totally free with regard to nature lovers.

Huka Falls:

Just North coming from Lake Taupo for the M1 is Huka Falls and the renowned Huka Falls Hotel (for the novu-rich worldwide). Huka Falls itself is free for many. Near the start of the mighty Waikato water (NZ longest pond) it,s not the height of the is catagorized but the sheer volume of h2o that is pushed through which will be impressive, people have gone over the falls along with survived. Motorboat trips are now run up for the base of the drops for those looking a different viewpoint.

Whakarewarewa Forrest Park:

On the path to the blue and green waters. Contains stunning stands associated with redwood trees, walking and horse riding tracks. Your redwood trees are relatively younger for trees, but they are previously huge in measurement.

Government Gardens:

Outside the Rotorua museum is effectively kept flower beds, rose gardens, bowling balls greens and more.

Kuirau Park:

Reverse the main medical center on Kuirau path is Kuirau Car park with numerous boiling pools and also geothermal activities. Contains a few foot swimming pools to ease your own sore ft and a children's car park with smaller railway. On my own last check out there was a huge hole in the soil and several bushes blown around or included in mud due to a localized eruption. It is a reminder the whole area is geothermally active and contains the potential to be dangerous.

Blue and Green Lakes:

Earlier Whakarewarewa Forrest Park could be the blue lake, great for going swimming or sailing activities, apparent water with a pumice bottom, people further out there is a problem with weeds. Carry on on the road to have a view of Mt. Tarawera. The pin lake can be banned as well as tapu (Maori for cursed, almost holy, special) and no is supposed to enter it.

Tarawera Mountin:

For the genuine adventure buffs. Take the back again road and climb Mount Tarawera. Enter the crater and run down to the bottom at full speed. The massive crater had been caused by the 10 June The 1880's eruption which demolished the pink and white terraces as well as buried many villages.


The number of ponds is simply too numerous to mention. Great for trout angling, boating or even picnics. Several lakes need black volcanic wine glass and/or pumice stone lying down on their shoreline.

Hamurana Springs:

If you want to see a lovely spring feed stream, this can be worth a trip, pure water with a touch of blue flowing more than white pumice your bed. There is also a good stand involving redwoods and I would be surprised if you didn't see any bass in the flow (no doing some fishing allowed, i'm sorry).

This list is as simple as no means exhaustive as well as like any visitor destination brand-new venues are always opening up. I'm hoping this provides you with a basic to do list when visiting. To see pictures navigate to the website in the resource box under.


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